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How to Position Your Child for a Debt-Free Education

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Cash for College™ Course is the first of its kind! It's an online coaching course designed for college-bound students (and their parents!) that will successfully help begin the journey of the college application process. It brings you 6 modules to help ease the stress of applying to college and provide you with invaluable information to catapult you/your student to success.

This course was created to prepare college-bound students for their journey ahead with the college application process. It is designed to help parents and students build the confidence needed to apply to colleges and scholarship programs which are a good fit for the student's higher educational needs. The course will answer the questions you may ordinarily overlook and to help you navigate through aspects of the application that are misunderstood. Its purpose is to help make the process simpler for both student and parent.

You'll also receive a one-on-one coaching call with Adebisi to help streamline and strategize your personalized college application process and to review your brand essay.

This course also provides you with a number of bonus interviews with thought leaders and experts in their fields to help you better align with your goals in preparation for your journey ahead.

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Adebisi Adebowale
Adebisi Adebowale

Hi, I'm Adebisi! I am a two-time debt-free graduate of The George Washington University and a former White House Intern. Over the past five years, I've helped students earn scholarships towards their education in schools across the USA, totaling over $2.5 Million! Now, it's your turn. Let me help you earn cash for college!

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Cash for College: College Application Workbook
Outlining the Details to Successfully Apply to College
1 Course Bundle
Cash for College Course Bonuses
How to Position Your Child for a Debt-Free Education
Adebisi Adebowale
Networking Your Way to the Opportunities of Your Dreams
How to Make Your Network Work for You
Adebisi Adebowale

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Cash for College Virtual Conference?
The Conference will be held Saturday, September 22, 2018.
How long do I have access to the virtual conference videos?
How does one-year access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this video series for one year (closes September 21, 2019) - across any and all mobile devices you own.
How do I access the virtual conference videos?
The virtual conference sessions will be accessible on September 22, 2018 right in this platform. Not to worry; we will send you a reminder email to direct you back here.

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